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Teletherapy concept, senior woman talking with her counselor or laywer during a live call
Telehealth Service 

ISN Clinic is offering a Telehealth Service for select sessions to allow clients to connect with our provisional psychologists through safe, online videoconferencing.

Our therapists can work within a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) framework. CBT is a model of care with a strong evidence base when delivered via technology platforms. Our online service offers individualised assessment and treatment similar to attending in person, with the therapist and client interacting throughout a 50-minute session.

We support our clients to learn practically useful skills that help them to lead more fulfilling lives. Session are focused on practical skills that are practiced and applied through the week.

We also use regular standardised assessments to help our clients to evaluate their health outcomes.

The Telehealth platforms we use are easy to operate, secure, and allow for highly interactive sessions.

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