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Introduction to Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Group

Learn to master your emotions, reduce impulsive behaviours and improve interpersonal relationships through a range of life-changing teachings and tools.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) is a powerful practical approach for learning to manage your emotions, build resilience, cope with distress, and improve your relationships.

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DBT is a state-of-the-art evidence-based treatment that is highly effective for adolescents and adults who experience high emotional sensitivity, have up-and-down moods, have difficulty managing their reactions, and find this interferes with their self-esteem, mood, coping, and relationships. 

DBT is highly practical and will equip you with essential life skills.


The course covers:

• mindfulness

  • emotional resilience and coping with distress

  • changing problematic coping behaviours

  • understanding and managing emotions

  • letting go and practicing radical acceptance

  • accessing more balanced states of mind

  • building communication and relationship skills


  • A 30-minute intake session with a psychologist to assess suitability, introduce the group concepts, and allocation to an individual psychologist at our clinic (if required).

  • 8 x weekly 2-hour group sessions

  • A DBT Skills Group Handbook which includes all of the skills learnt throughout the 8 weeks as well as worksheets to support tracking of emotions, behaviours and progress once the group is complete.

  • A free 30-minute check in/follow up via phone or zoom two weeks after finishing  the group.


$95 per session. 

With a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP, you will be eligible for a rebate of $64.50 per session, meaning an out of pocket fee of approx. $30. 



Runs for 8 weeks.

About the facilitator:

Mercia Wessels is a Clinical Psychologist with experience working with clients in individual and group therapy settings, including with diagnoses such as borderline personality disorder, complex PTSD,  trauma experiences, emotion dysregulation, impulsivity, self-harm and suicidality. Mercia enjoys group work, and believes the DBT program provides a unique opportunity to learn and implement valuable skills, and to benefit from the support and experience of other group members. Mercia’s approach to therapy is warm and collaborative.

To express and interest in this program please register and Mercia will contact you to discuss or call ISN Clinic on 9008 1616 (option 1 for Kew). 

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