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ISN's Approach to Human Performance

Optimise your performance to achieve life goals, manage distress and let us help you deal with life challenges.  At the ISN Clinic at DFC in Moorabbin we take a holistic approach to helping you live life better. 

Optimising Human Performance

Our team of Sports & Exercise/ Human Performance psychologists can help you build the skills to enhance and improve your human performance to achieve your optimal level of performance, including services to assist those who seek to perform at high levels.  This can be achieved by building resilience and mental toughness to assist with meeting life events and challenges.  Whether this is in sports, exercise, in the performing arts or in optimising  wellbeing, our team of experts can assist you in meeting your goals.

Exercise for Better Health,  Mental Health, Chronic Conditions, Injury Prevention, and Rehabilitation

We understand that certain life events can impact upon achieving optimal wellbeing, sometimes these events can effect our health and Wellbeing.  Our team  can assist you in coping with life challenges such as chronic conditions, injury and help with rehabilitation.   

Our Performance Services in Partnership with DFC

At ISN Clinic, we specialize in integrating sports and exercise psychology to support your mental and physical well-being. Our expert team of sports and exercise psychologists is committed to creating personalized plans that address your specific needs, recognizing that each individual's journey is unique.

While we focus on the psychological aspects of health and performance at ISN Clinic, we are excited to collaborate with the Danny Frawley Centre for Health and Wellbeing (DFC) for the physical component of your wellness plan. The DFC gym, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, is perfectly positioned to complement our psychological services, offering a wide range of exercise activities to support your physical health needs.

In this collaborative approach, you gain the best of both worlds: expert psychological support from ISN Clinic and top-notch physical training and facilities at the DFC gym. This partnership ensures a holistic approach to your well-being, where support, encouragement, motivation, and empathy are woven into every aspect of your care. Stepping into this collaborative environment, you'll feel welcomed and supported on every step of your journey towards comprehensive well-being.

ISNHPC Services



Foundational Competencies

Self Regulation Competencies

Interpersonal Competencies

Prescribed Exercise

Sports & Exercise Psychology

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Mental Health and Exercise for Better MIND

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 Psychological Therapy

Foundational Competencies

Interpersonal Competencies

Prescribed Exercise

Sports & Exercise Psychology

Clinical Psychology

Call 90081616 and select option 3

How these services may assist you


  • Resilience

  • Mental toughness

  • Motivation

  • Health and Wellbeing coaching

  • Concentration, attention and mental preparation

  • Team building and leadership

  • Debriefing and performance evaluation

  • Balancing human performance, study, employment, and family life

  • Tailored exercise and fitness training plan

Mental Health and Exercise for Better MIND

  • Reducing anxiety

  • Improving mood

  • Behavioural activation

  • building resilience

  • Various mental health conditions

  • improve cognition and memory

  • improve attention

Sport and Exercise Psychology


Evidence-based approaches are used to not only enhance performance but to provide expertise is such areas as health and wellbeing coaching, anxiety and stress management, concentration and mental preparation, overtraining and burnout, team building and leadership, weight management, debriefing and program evaluation, recovery and restoration, injury rehabilitation, psychological assessment, career transitions, coping strategies, and balancing sport, study, employment, and family life.

Key areas of focus include:

Foundational Competencies – These form a necessary base for optimal mental performance and mental health. They include Mental health and Wellbeing, Motivation, Self Concept (identity), and Self Efficacy (Competence/Confidence).


Self-regulation Competencies – An individual’s capacity to regulate their performance and learning is essential to High Performance. The effectiveness of this involves Self Awareness, Emotional Recognition and Regulation and/or Acceptance, Stress Management, and Focus/Concentration.


Interpersonal Competencies – People live and train in a dynamic interpersonal and social context. Having interpersonal skills that optimise mental health and create safe, productive environments conducive to learning and growth are achieved through Connection (Relationships), Effective Communication and Group/Team Dynamics, Teamwork, and capable Leadership and Fellowship

DFC Gym - Exercises


At ISN Clinic, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive mental health care that addresses both the mind and body. While we have expertise in sports and exercise psychology, offering tailored programs that focus on motivation, mental toughness, and overall mental well-being, we recognise the importance of physical health in achieving holistic wellness. To this end, we collaborate closely with the Danny Frawley Centre for Health and Wellbeing (DFC), leveraging their state-of-the-art gym facilities to support the physical health needs of our clients.

The DFC gym, equipped with a wide range of high-quality fitness equipment and resources, provides the perfect complement to our psychological services. This collaboration allows us to offer a truly holistic approach to well-being, ensuring that our clients receive the support, encouragement, motivation, and empathy they need to achieve their life goals and thrive in all aspects of their lives.

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ISN Human Performance Clinic

Health and Wellbeing Centre

Key Reasons for Choosing ISN Clinic

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