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A High Research Standard

The Institute for Social Neuroscience also consists of ISN Innovations. ISN Innovations focus is the research and development.  It conducts research within core themes of the institute undertaking purpose driven research within ISN Innovations research divisions to deliver new knowledge, advances in clinical practice and/or commercial clinical and translational outcomes.  ISN Innovations through its research, will provide work integrated learning opportunities for students to conduct research and undertake  work-ready evidence based clinical methods used in pursuit of translational research opportunities.

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Our Institute Vision

The Institute for Social Neuroscience aims to investigate the basis of character and temperament through the study of psychology, epigenetics, biochemistry, neuroscience and ecology and to apply these findings to improving the health of individuals and societies.

Our Mission

Helping You Exceed Expectations

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To provide the most advanced treatments for mental illness, restore mind body balance and promote resilience and wellbeing. Cutting edge research from across the world is used to apply and improve existing treatments and to develop new and powerful approaches.

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Exciting Student Projects

Projects Section Subtitle

At ISN Psychology, Students will have scope to undertake exciting research projects that cover our research priority areas.

Psychology & Human Nature

Our psychology projects explore environmental impacts on behaviour, cognitive functioning and mental state.

What factors determine and influence our human nature? Find out about our exciting research focusing on evolutionary psychology and social neuroscience.


Explore exciting possibilities to work with world leaders in the field of neuroscience. With access to leading technology available through the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health.

Social Science

Explore how different societies have develop depending on features inherit in their culture including practices, beliefs and rituals.

Clinic Research

Explore the new generation technology available at ISN to conduct effective research to establish efficacy of treatments for clinical practice or basic research in psychology.


Bionics research into the development of devices for treatment of epilepsy and hearing disorders use the latest tools and multidisciplinary approaches from computer science to psychology.

Artificial Intelligence

Towards a new nature.  Explore how psychology is playing a role in the development of artificial intelligence and how it will help shape societies in the 21st century and beyond.

This is your Projects Section closing paragraph. It's a great space to summarize the kind of work you do and invite your visitors to contact you to start working with you on a new project.

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