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The Clinic is staffed by experienced senior psychologists and higher degree interns on placement as part of the Master of Clinical Psychology degree at ISN.  Our interns are all registered as Provisional Psychologist under the National governing body AHPRA. As part of their internship all interns are provided with daily supervision from our team of experienced Senior Clinical Psychologists. In addition to regular supervision, all interns have access to our academic staff and resources to provided them with timely and up to date information to ensure best client care.

Mental Health and Exercise for Better MIND

Psychologist plus Exercise Physiologist

with Sport and Exercise Psychology options

Psychology Therapy - Provided face to face or via tele-health, we endeavour to provide the best possible evidence-based treatment from a Clinical Psychology framework and aim to provide assessment and treatment options for mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Prescribed Exercise - Here you have the option to exercsie by yourself or even join our group classes all with a qualified Exercise Physiologist.  Our Exercise Physiologist will run through your mental health concerns, your goals and complete fitness assessments to help tailor an exercise program to your specific needs and specific goals to help you better manage your condition.

Sports and Exercise Options:

Foundational Competencies – These form a necessary base for optimal mental performance and mental health. They include Mental health and Wellbeing, Motivation, Self Concept (identity), and Self Efficacy (Competence/Confidence).


Interpersonal Competencies – People live and train in a dynamic interpersonal and social context. Having interpersonal skills that optimise mental health and create safe, productive environments conducive to learning and growth are achieved through Connection (Relationships), Effective Communication and Group/Team Dynamics, Teamwork, and capable Leadership and Fellowship

Medicare Rebate:

*Clinical and General Psychology services may be eligible for a Medicare rebate under the the Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative allows individuals to access up to 10 rebatable sessions per calendar year with a psychologist.  The current Medicare rebate is $131.65 or $89.65  per clinical or general psychology consult respectively, for access to up-to 10 rebatable sessions per calendar year. Please consult with your GP for eligibility and referral.


**Exercise Physiology services may be eligible for medicare rebate under the Chronic disease GP Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements for the management of chronic conditions. The current Medicare rebate is usually $56 per consult for up-to 5 sessions.  Please consult with your GP for eligibility and referral. 

Individual Sessions

Psychology therapy sessions (50 min) 


(Clinical Psychologist)


(General Psychologist)


(Provisional Psychologist) 



Exercise Physiology

Initial exercise physiology  Assessment (1 hr)


Exercise Physiology Exercise Class

45 minute exercise sessions to be booked after initial exercise physiology session


Human Performance 


sessions (50 min) with Provisional Psychologist (supervised by experienced sport and exercise psychologists)


Group Sessions

Exercise Physiology Group Class

45 minute exercise sessions to be booked after initial exercise physiology session


 Multisession Group Pass

10 Group Sessions of

45 minute pay as you go exercise Exercise  sessions


Purchase a  multisession pass after your initial session


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