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Through a functional assessment of your needs, we match you, your team, or organisation with documented proficiencies in mental performance. Once determined what is going to promote performance we work with you to develop specific approaches and skills in suitable areas of high performance. These will be tailored using a framework of competencies outlined below.  Each of these approaches and programs will be designed, tracked, and evaluated with Psychologists trained in Sport and Exercise Psychology and our Exercise Physiologist that guide you through the whole process. They will work with you the whole way through.

HIGH PErformance

Exercise Physiology

plus Sport & Exercise Psychology 

Prescribed Exercise - Here you have the option to train by yourself, with a partner or even join our group classes all with a qualified Exercise Physiologist.  Our Exercise Physiologist will run through any medical concerns, your goals and complete fitness assessments to help tailor an exercise program to your specific needs and specific goals.

Foundational Competencies – These form a necessary base for optimal mental performance and mental health. They include Mental health and Wellbeing, Motivation, Self Concept (identity), and Self Efficacy (Competence/Confidence).


Self-regulation Competencies – An individual’s capacity to regulate their performance and learning is essential to High Performance. The effectiveness of this involves Self Awareness, Emotional Recognition and Regulation and/or Acceptance, Stress Management, and Focus/Concentration.


Interpersonal Competencies – People live and train in a dynamic interpersonal and social context. Having interpersonal skills that optimise mental health and create safe, productive environments conducive to learning and growth are achieved through Connection (Relationships), Effective Communication and Group/Team Dynamics, Teamwork, and capable Leadership and Fellowship

Sports & Exercise Psychologist

Initial consultation and assessment


Exercise Physiologist

Initial consultation & assessment


Individual Exercise 


(45 min) with EP


Sport & Exercise Psychologist Sessions

(50 min)


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