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We understand that certain life events can impact upon achieving optimal wellbeing, sometimes these events can heighten our level of distress to a point where it begins to impact on our mental health and quality of life.  Our team of psychologists can assist you in coping with life challenges and helping to restore wellbeing and regain life focus.   

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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Group Classes available at our Kew Clinic

Learn to master your emotions, reduce impulsive behaviours and improve interpersonal relationships through a range of life-changing teachings and tools. 

New ISN Health and Wellbeing Centre in Kew

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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) is a powerful practical approach for learning to manage your emotions, build resilience, cope with distress, and improve your relationships.  It is a state-of-the-art evidence-based form of cognitive behavioural therapy that is highly effective for adolescence and adults who experience emotion dysregulation, and difficulty managing their thoughts and behaviours.  DBT is especially useful for people who experience high emotional sensitivity, have up-and-down emotions, have difficulty managing their reactions, and find this interferes with their self-esteem, mood, coping, and relationships.   

ISN launchers a new centre for clinical practice.  ISN Clinic Health and Wellbeing Centre incorporates the ISN Human Performance Clinic. This new site at Office 1, 115 Cotham Road Kew. The site enjoys excellent public transport access with trams passing the front door at Cotham Road.  

Through our clinical practice, our research program and our psychology college, we are establishing an academic hub of innovation that contributes to society through a greater understanding of behaviour and human nature.  All this is possible through our expert staff.

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